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Irish Scorpion Playlist

Untold Feelings. Imagine if you will the possibility of capturing a moment in time, and then able to touch every nerve in your body that sends a flash of memory taking you either back in time or just a few minutes ago, or whats happening to you now.

Written just over 30 years ago, its hard to believe it. How someone can let you escape to a place you might not of ever experienced.

It has been said “Music is a universal language of all languages.” Every song, puts in place a moment in time you have experienced so real and so powerful, you would think it just happened again. Now, after many years of encouragement, and like many other great artist who sat down and composed music from their heart and for no other reason but to express how they see life though music.

This is the beginning of a journey you will fully love and enjoy for years to come. I can’t wait for more to come. According to the artist he has mentioned he is working on some exciting new compositions that will raise the bar in composing to a new level and maybe his dream of a full motion picture opportunity.

In the world of traditional Irish music Steve brings unexpected melodic twists. From the first moment that I heard Steve play I knew he was gifted with a special talent. All I can say is "Enjoy!"

David Solomon
Hanahan SC
I can not believe how universal your music is. After hearing it for the first time, I felt as if I had visited another planet. You are truly gifted and I look forward to listening to more of your music coming soon.

Bob Johnson
Seattle Wa